I have questions

Oh my preyed soul!

I have questions

where do you belong?

Do you belong to the stars above or down the rock?

Do you belong to the sun or the moon?

Do you belong to the oceans or the deserts?

Do you belong to the mountains or the seas?

Does someone own you?

Are you being indifferent to me?

Do you go search some other bodies when I no longer exist? Or you fade away with my body?

Do u feel love? Do you feel anger? Or you feel nothing?

Do you laugh when I laugh or try to console me when I cry?

Do you want to run away far from these crowds or you enjoy it?

Do you see what I see? Do you like what I like or do you tease my choices?

Are you displeased when I am? Or you don’t care at all?

Do you want to relinquish on your hopes or stand strong no matter what?

Do you believe in miracle?

Do you believe in destiny?

Lets’ have our time

and talk about life because

you’re here for me and I am here for you

and the night’s long wanting to hold me up in its arms

but pull me down and talk about life because yes! I have questions ,

oh my preyed soul.


“You couldnt be enough” he pushed her away.

She left the place without a sound , dumbstrucked by the man who had promised her the entire universe.

She walked down the aisle with the heart so heavy and eyes full of tears thinking what wronged him enough to push her away.

( “Hey, can you promise me not to ever turn away from me?” She remembered how he had said these without a pause like he meant it.)

Her freckled face and a long curled hair was all soaked in tears and sweats – the dim street light pitied her beautiful face and got even more dimmer – maybe it couldn’t bear looking her this different.

She passed through the old cafe(probably the most oldest cafe of the town) where they had first met and their usual go-to-place thinking how she could get herself away with their wines’ and coffees’ days.

She was tired and couldn’t think of moving any further but then she remembered how she had carried him when his legs weren’t in the state to support him. – she walked.

She passed through the roads where they had walked more than a thousands of times and yet never tired.

She passed through the park where they had their thick and thins shared ,where they had cried and laughed.

She moved further and saw the spot where they had first held their hands and first-kissed. Tears ran down through her cheeks and fell on that spot marking the place for itself too.

She managed to reach her home , went to her room layed on the bed – thousands of memories ran round her head and all of a sudden she texted him ” I am sorry , you were never enough too “

I walk along this path
 My feets tremble and I grunt
  as I make a move!
 I am loved and lost
  Do I look blunt?

         As these petals fall
Upon the shallow ground
My heart skips a beat
With the fear of my voice
Getting lost in the hound

As I stand in the crowd
I smell people of
betrayal ,miseries ,agony
And every possible despair there  has been

I fall down trillions of times
Sometimes I trip on my own
Sometimes other make me tripped down
But I stand up tall and managed to bear this heat

I walk alone on the sunbright path
It’s burning my flesh, my soul I had once
Meantime The voices in my head, prance forward to the home of dead.





There was a time I settled down for how people around viewed me ; the way I present myself , the words I had to keep inside my throat and not let them be heard out. I let them portray an image that I thought would define me as a perfection but little did I know in the mean time I was losing myself.

But as a curtain was pulled off and spotlight fade away and the rays entered the hall through the barren window , I realized I was a failure as you wanted me to be.

Yes, I am a failure and I failed to let you drag me down through your perspectives

I failed to get caught by the all the negativities people intend to throw at me.

I failed to let people step on me and make a way through.

I failed to hear their voices lowering my own voices.

I know I have made mistakes in the past,and hell lot of reckless decisions but this doesn’t just define me. I have learned more than I had though of.

We often forget the coin has two sides ; we let ourself consume only by all the negativities and forget the beautiful side of us. Don’t be affected by how people see us rather focus on on the loved ones that sees the imperfectly perfect aspect of us.

Perils of thoughts (2)

Everything around you seems surreal because you opt to spot it that way.

It’s on you how you manage to see things around because if anybody is to hold the key to self-control , it’s you. You get hurt, you frolick through self-doubts and self-loaths but I want you to know everything is momentary- the joy you feel when you are with your family and friends , the happiness you experience when you achieve an excellent academic score, the bliss you get when u finally get that guitar you have so wanted to have, that dance class you have craved for, the places you have longed to visit and finally made it,the foods you yearned tasting for and finally wet your salivary glands with, the dresses you fancied wearing and finally getting one, the long awaited movie nights and clubbing, the beautiful sky you watch when your Wi-Fi is not working and your phone is off, the satisfaction u get after completing such a huge loads of assignments and what after you get all those what u desire for? Don’t you end up experiencing negative experiences? You need to go abroad for your study leaving behind all, you may fail in the next terminal, the guitar u bought recently might stop working, your plans may get cancelled, you may run out of money, your assignments may get lost. Yes , this is the ugliest truth of human life. – even the despair and miseries dont last long if you strongly desire to chase them off their asses.

” every single thing that holds the power to make u content also holds the power to make u feel low. ”

Perils of thoughts

#1 The source of your happiness must never be the source of despair to another.It is perfectly Okay for you to get all-gaily-clad-child but it must never intentionally hurt others.

#2 People treasure their loved ones and will go through hell and beyond to keep them happy, to bring a life out of them and I don’t disagree with the highly intelligent-manly-created rule but I strongly disagree with the idea of getting urself lost inbetween.

#2 You could never make the person encircling you happy if you aren’t happy! .You could only enrich the person-next-door with courage only if you are brave enough not to back up when your robustness crumbles.

A voice-a dream

In the mist of smokes I could barely find myself. I was confused by my own instincts and was all weary. I couldn’t even take a step with the loads so heavy. I felt as if this weight put on me was dragging all along to somewhere unfamiliar , somewhere dreadful somewhere not so lively. I was dragged through the piercing ground – I winced out of pain I screamed so loud but nobody pretended to hear my voice out maybe my voice couldn’t be louder enough to make the sound vibrate through their tympanum or just maybe they were a perfect imposter.

I was not in tears but deep down my soul was in pain and I was the only person to bring her to the comfort but little did I know comfort was not what she was seeking for.